NCD Alliance East Africa

🔆Today, we welcomed Morten Bach and Jacob Schjorring from our partners at Danish NCD Alliance.

It was a pleasure to show them our new office and discuss the exciting future of our collaboration. Together, we're making strides in the fight against NCDs. #Partnership

Knowledge is power. EANCDA is excited to join the global dialogue, sharing East African insights and strategies for NCD prevention.
Let's learn, connect, and drive change together!
#EANCDA #GlobalWeekForAction

Together, we're writing the story of East Africa's health.
EANCDA empowers communities, engaging leaders, and advocating for NCD solutions. Our region's well-being is our priority.
#EastAfricaHealth #GlobalWeekForAction

Explore the journey of hope, resilience, and transformation in our latest mini documentary.

Join us as we uncover inspiring stories of individuals taking action against NCDs.

Together, we're building a healthier future. 🌟 #NCDAction

@ncdalliance @AisuCarol3

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