NCD Alliance East Africa

Job Opportunity

Job Title: Program Manager

Department: Programs

Supervised by and reports to: Board of Directors

Duty station: EANCDA Kampala Office, with travel when required

Deadline: Friday 3rd May 2024

Role Overview:

The Program Manager (PM) will be responsible for providing overall leadership and strategic direction of NCD Alliance East Africa and takes overall responsibility for the overall management and achievement of results. Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Program Manager will be in-charge of the EANCDA Secretariat and manage relations to the Board and external stake-holders. The PM will have comprehensive oversight of all operations and programs, ensuring effective development and implementation of programs, financial management, HR management and impactful partnerships with donors, partner organizations, NGO agencies and government bodies. The role also entails coordinating external communications, information management, financial management, audit, monitoring, evaluation, capacity building, supporting fundraising efforts, and engaging with donors to advance the organization’s mission and objectives.

Roles and responsibilities

Strategic Leadership

• The Program Manager will be responsible for providing overall strategic leadership to the organization in line with mission, vision, objectives and values, and ensuring effective implementation of the strategic plan.

• Provide visionary and transformative leadership to the secretariat, ensuring alignment with the organization’s strategies and goals.

• Act as Secretary for the Board of Directors and manage all communication with the Board of Directors.

• Uphold and live by all of EANCDA’s organizational values.

Strategic Planning and Management

• Oversee the effective implementation and monitoring of all programs ensuring program quality, impact, and adherence to best practices. 

• Lead the design and development of project strategies and plans in collaboration with project teams, to develop and refine project plans, budgets, and indicators 

for successful project outcomes in line with the overall EANCDA strategies.

• Nurture and lead the programmatic vision and strategic direction of EANCDA while providing technical leadership and guidance for programming. 

• Responsible and accountable for the programmatic management of EANCDA programs.

Job Description
• Develop and strengthen project staffs’ understanding on Project Cycle Management, partnership and participatory capacity assessment of country Alliances and other partner organizations.
• Ensure that project staff are implementing program activities in line with donor requirements to achieve project outcomes.
• Ensure staff are conducting regular project monitoring, review and evaluation to achieve quality programs.
• Coordinate the preparation of timely and cost-effective operational plans, budgets and strategic plans with the project teams.
• Support and oversee the team in all program planning, implementation, operations, budgeting, documentation, monitoring and reporting.

Fundraising, Donor, and Partnership and Organizational Development
Spearhead mobilization of adequate financial and other resources to support programs and operations of the organization and generally ensure a sustainable financial resource base for EANCDA.
• Be responsible for prudent and accountable utilization and management of the organization’s financial resources including maintaining strict adherence to established financial management policies and procedures as well as sound financial management practices.
• Lead efforts to engage with donors, including proposal development, donor reporting, and relationship management. Identify and pursue funding opportunities to sustain and expand program activities.
• Cultivate and nurture strategic partnerships with local NGOs, government institutions, donors, and other stakeholders to foster collaboration, resource mobilization, and advocacy for our organization’s mission with local and international donors.
• Ensure timely, accurate and quality financial and narrative reporting in compliance with contractual obligations to funding partners.

Financial Management
• Establish, maintain and oversee effective and efficient financial and administrative policies and systems to Foster a conducive environment that is transparent, 
accountable and supportive.
• Oversee and ensure a solid and transparent financial management system and practices, including budget planning, expenditure tracking, and financial reporting 
in compliance with donor requirements and organizational policies.
• Act as accounting officer of ENCDA, by ensuring that the financial management and accounting of the organization is working well and effective.
• Support the budget planning processes to ensure that project funds are expended according to laid down procedures and plans.
• Lead in the preparation of annual workplans and budgets, donor reports, the annual report and audits and timeliness in all project activities.
• Reporting to the donors ensuring submission of proper accountabilities of project funds and quality narrative report in line with donor requirements.
• Overseeing day to financial management and accounting processes of EANCDA.
Human Resources Planning and Management, Compliance, Team Leadership and Capacity Building
• Oversee human resources functions, including recruitment, on boarding, performance management, and staff welfare, providing advice on the management of all staff to ensure that it is carried out within EANCDA stated policies, practices and procedures as well as the country employment laws.
• Supervising, maintaining highly performing, well-motivated and productive team of staff and ensuring effective management of the organization’s human resources.
• Foster a positive and inclusive work environment, providing guidance and support to the team. Promote staff development through coaching, mentoring, and capacity building initiatives.
• Facilitate the mentoring and training of relevant staff to ensure that they have the appropriate skill levels for their positions and are developing to their full capacity.
• Provide direct support to staff and other supporting staff in the form of system/tools development, capacity building, problem solving, implementation and sustainability of the project with partners.
• Implement policies and procedures that guide and support EANCDA activities, ensure compliance to code of conduct and Patients, gender and Patients protection.
• Taking lead in implementing of the recruitment and appraisal process of staff in consultation with the Board.
• Monitor and evaluate staff performance.
• Sets direction, lead, maintain team morale, safety and welfare, while managing resources, delegating specific duties as necessary, and maintaining oversight and 
• Create a supportive environment that fosters personal responsibility, quality work and commitment to EANCDA’s goals and values.

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning
• Oversee the design and implementation of robust monitoring, evaluation, and learning frameworks to track program progress, identify lessons learned, and drive evidence-based decision-making.
• Maintain special focus on maintaining a coherent M&E and reporting system, enhancing staff M&E capacities, documenting program strategies, processes, 
experiences and lessons learned; disseminating findings from various program experience; and sharing EANCDA ’s project information in relevant regional level 
• Supervise project staff to improve project quality and monitor program impact through quality supervision, coaching and directing.
• Provide quarterly updates of lessons learned and best practices to Board from the project teams.
Collaboration, Networking, Representation, Advocacy and Communication
• Represent the organization at high-level meetings, conferences, and events, with external stakeholders, allies and partners in national, regional and international 
forums and advocating for policy changes and funding support that align with the organization’s mission and objectives.
• Facilitate linkages, collaboration and networking with other civil society organizations and government and other relevant institutions to enhance EANCDA 
visibility and activities.
• Develop and execute effective external communication strategies to raise awareness of our organization’s work, impact, and achievements and engage with the media and other relevant platforms to amplify our organization’s presence. 
• Maintain excellent and productive relations with EANCDA external stakeholders and partners including government Ministries and institutions, donors, other civil
society actors and agencies as well as playing a leading role for strengthening and maintaining EANCDA’s positive public image.

Policy Development, Operational Planning and Management
 The incumbent will support the Executive Board in developing and implementing appropriate policies and systems for proper governance and management of EANCDA as well ensuring the effective implementation of the decisions of the Executive Board.

Compliance and Risk Management
The incumbent will ensure compliance with all relevant laws, regulations, and organizational policies while proactively identifying and addressing potential risks to 
the organization’s reputation and operations.
Essential Knowledge
• Excellent financial management skills, including budgeting, financial reporting, and donor compliance.
• Sound understanding of monitoring and evaluation principles and their application in program management.
• Proactive and innovative approach to problem-solving, with a commitment to achieving results and impact.
• Proposal and report writing skills
• Appreciation of NCDs burden in the region

Essential Qualities and Skills 
• Strategic thinking and planning to grow programs while ensuring relevance and impact.
• Commitment to, and experience in leading to shape and sustain a diverse, inclusive programing and organizational culture.
• Ability to provide technical assistance, coaching and mentoring, adapting to needs and levels.
• Ability to develop dynamic and influential relationships with teams and partners.
• Exhibits high levels of professionalism, attention to detail, critical thinking, and ability to make timely decisions.
• Keen appreciation of quality and standards with ability to take responsibility for delivering results.
• Working across cultures and ethnic groups.
• Ability to work under pressure meeting deadlines in a fast-paced fluid environment.
• A Bachelors or/and a Master’s degree in Business Studies, Economics, Public Administration, Social Work, Management Science, Development Studies, Organizational Development, or a related field
Essential Experience
• 4-5 years’ experience working with an NGO and substantive experience in program leadership.
• Experience working with civil society funded organizations.
• Strong track record of technical leadership, and proven ability to produce demonstrable results. 
Level of Travel required
This position is based in Uganda and will require occasional visits to other countries in the region and partners involved in program/project implementation within the 
region. Occasional overseas travel will also be required for meetings, capacity building and networking programs. A willingness to travel regularly to project locations and to accept the country economic-political climate and basic living conditions that are characteristic of these locations is a major requirement for this position.
Application process: Please review and submit application requirements, including a reflective cover letter that includes why you are interested in, and what you will bring to this role, via the application link by 5pm EAT, on Friday 3rd May 2024.
Only complete, on-time applications from candidates that meet qualifications will be considered. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted, not later than 10 May 2024.