NCD Alliance East Africa


Professor Kaushik Ramaiya is the Chief Executive Officer and Consultant Physician / endocrinologist at
Shree Hindu Mandal Hospital, Dar-es-Salaam where he has been working since 1982. He is an Honorary
Professor of Medicine and Global Health at Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (since November
2018) and Honorary Senior Lecturer at Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences (MUHAS).
Professor Ramaiya is a Member of the Board of World Diabetes Foundation and Hon. General Secretary of Tanzania Diabetes Association (TDA), Tanzania NCD Alliance (TANCDA) and Hon. General Secretary to Association of Private Health Facilities of Tanzania (APHFTA).

He is currently working with children with Type 1 diabetes, gestational diabetes, metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular complications of antiretroviral drugs in HIV/AIDS and Diabetes/TB interaction. Together with a team from NIMRI (Muhimbili) and LSTM, Professor Ramaiya is also implementing a project on CD NCD Integration models (MOCCA Study) and metformin intervention in HIV patients with
IGT (META Trial).

He has also partnered with TDA, MoHCDGEC and PORALG to implement the Diabetes/NCD program in Zonal, Regional and District Hospitals all in Tanzania since year 2003. The program has obtained additional funding to expand and encompass NCD prevention and promotion, curative services in primary care, training, policy & legislations, monitoring and evaluation and operational research.
From 2000-2006, Professor Ramaiya served as Chair of sub-Saharan Africa Region of International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and as Vice President (Global) of IDF from 2007 to 2012.

During his tenure as Chair of the sub-Saharan Africa Region, several tools including; the Diabetes Declaration for sub-Saharan Africa Region, Clinical Practice Guidelines for type 2 Diabetes and Diabetes Education Manual for Diabetes Educators in the region were developed in three major languages:
English, French and Portuguese.
Professor Ramaiya has tremendously contributed to a better understanding of diabetes in the African region through his research on the status of diabetes care in Africa and the economic costs of diabetes and its consequences. He has held many oral presentations and published more than seventy (70) peer reviewed articles.