This initiative created the precedent that led to the creation of the EANCDA. It brought together NCD Alliances in East Africa, academia and other Civil Society Organizations, parliamentarians and private business to campaign for accelerated response by governments in East Africa in a united effort to combat NCDs nationally and regionally. The Initiative was a response to the global agenda on Post 2015 and a follow-up on the Political Declaration on Prevention and Control of NCDs exploring opportunities for a concerted multi stakeholder action and national commitment to the UN plan from the governments. The Post 2015 Initiative was a mainly planning process that culminated in a big regional NCD stakeholder meeting on 13-15 June 2014, in Entebbe, Uganda. At this meeting, the stakeholders also discussed and launched the East Africa Benchmark Survey Report of NCDs and the adoption of the East Africa NCD Civil Society Charter. It is these initial collaborative efforts that enabled the East Africa NCD Alliance to participate in the United Nations Hearings of the General Assembly with NGOs. The East African NCDA under the Post 2015 Initiative was represented by Professor Yonga, a member of the Kenya NCD Alliance and the current Chairperson of the EANCDA.