Regional Strategy consultant


  1. Introduction and background

The East African Community (EAC) is an intergovernmental organization of the Republic of Burundi, Republic of Kenya, Republic of Rwanda, Republic of South Sudan, United Republic of Tanzania and Republic of Uganda ( aligned to Article 118 of the Treaty for the establishment of the East African Community calls for regional cooperation in health among the Partner States.

The Partner States all have various policies and guidelines, as well as legal and policy frameworks which are currently being used to guide implementation of the prevention, management, and NCD control strategies. However, currently there is no standardized regionally structured framework to support a harmonized and coordinated response to prevent, manage and control NCDs.

Furthermore, the East African Community (EAC) Secretariat and the NCD Alliance East Africa (EANCDA) – with support from the Danish NCD Alliance convened EAC Regional Experts’ meeting that was held at the Arusha Palace Hotel in the Republic of Tanzania, from 19th to 20th July, 2019 discussed the need to develop a regional framework for control of NCDs and came up with a roadmap which has not been actioned todate. The EAC Secretariat would like to bring on board a competent consultant to support the Development of the  a regional frame Work for prevention, Management and control of EAC Regional Non-Communicable Diseases.

  1. Rationale

Based on the background information above and the recommendation by the 19th Sectoral Council of Ministers directed the EAC Secretariat to develop a regional framework on prevention management and control of Non communicable Diseases (EAC/SC Health/19/Directive/023). In addition, the Sectoral council also directed the   EAC Secretariat to develop Terms of Reference (ToRs) for an Expert Working Group (TWG) on non-communicable diseases, to guide the process, showcasing the importance accorded to the regional coordination on NCDs matter. the NCD alliance is therefore seeking services of a consultant to support the EAC Secretariat to develop the Regional framework on prevention management and control of Non communicable Diseases, the Regional NCD strategic plan, and a costed implementation plan. 2021-2025

  1. Scope of work

The assignment will be conducted in the 6 EAC Partner States.  The processes will be engaged stakeholders from the public and private sectors, development partners and the civil society at national and regional level.   Further, the development of the framework will also bring onboard the regional centers of Excellence for higher medical education, health services and research

  1. Objectives of the Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to develop a Regional framework on prevention management and control of Non communicable Diseases, and an EAC Regional Strategic Plan for a period of 5 years from, 2022 to2026

Specifically, the Consultant will:

  1. Undertake a situation analysis highlighting the Partner States country specific data, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) regarding the NCDs ;
  2. Undertake a stakeholder mapping and analysis from within and outside EAC Secretariat and the Partner States;
  3. Through a consultative process and application of appropriate tools of analysis, identify focus areas, long term goals, strategic objectives, key result areas;
  4. Develop a Regional framework on prevention management and control of Non communicable Diseases, a costed a regional action plan with monitoring, evaluation and reporting tool; (Results and Resources Framework)


  1. Tasks
    • Tasks for the consultant

In detail, the consultant will be responsible for:

  1. Reviewing literature to get a better understanding of the different issues with regards to NCDs, at global, continental and regional level;
  1. Conduct a desk review and KII to rapidly assess the existing global, regional and national policy and strategic tools mechanisms in place to guide the NCDS prevention, treatment and control;
  • Producing an inception report with detailed understanding of the assignment, proposed approach and work plan including tool to be used for the assignment;
  1. Carrying out objective analysis and generating practical recommendations to guide the successful response to NCDs;
  2. Develop a Regional framework on prevention management and control of Non communicable Diseases, a costed a regional action plan with monitoring, evaluation and reporting tool taking into consideration the comments and inputs from stakeholders, and EAC Partner States technical experts;
  1. Facilitate Stakeholder meetings to validate the draft documents developed i.e., Country consultations and regional validation;
  2. Participate as key speaker and focal point in a strategy implementation workshop to be conducted with key stakeholder following the strategy finalization (note that this one-day workshop is likely to be conducted several months after the strategy has been submitted).


  • Tasks of the Partner States experts (EWG) and EANCDA

  1. Support in provision of national and regional policy to be used for the assignment
  2. Reviewing the inception report including the tools to be used for the assignment;
  • Support in coordinating country processes including coordinating country and regional consultative meetings, and
  1. Review the survey report and provide inputs to the consultant;


  1. Deliverables

  1. The Inception Report, which will be submitted to EANCDA for review shall include a detailed design / approach, understanding of the TORS, and data collection tools, the detailed work plan for the scope of work with a budget, a detailed schedule for all work, including field work that may be deemed necessary and relevant to the tasks. It will also include an outline of the of the Regional framework on prevention management and control of Non communicable Diseases
  2. Situation analysis on report on NCDs in the region, indicating the progress at in the response, achievements at the strengths, existing gaps and opportunities at national level,
  • Regional framework on prevention management and control of Non communicable Diseases,
  1. A 5-years EAC regional NCDs action Plan and Budget,2022-2026.
  2. A costed 5 years EAC regional NCDs strategic plan monitoring and evaluation framework.
  3. power point presentation of


  1. Profile of the consultant
  1. Advanced University degree in one or more of the following areas: Public Health, Health economics, Health System Development, Development Studies, Policy Analysis, Health Policy and Management and a PhD is an added advantage.
  2. Have at least five years (postmaster degree) of proven and demonstrable experience in undertaking similar assignment at national and regional levels.
  3. Proven knowledge, understanding and experience in NCDs prevention and control at national and regional levels
  4. Excellent ability to use common computer statistical packages and analytical, report writing, communication and facilitation skills.
  5. Demonstrated experience in organization strategy development for similar assignments;
  6. Excellent analytical and writing skills in English;
  7. Good interpersonal skills and experience of working in a multicultural environment;
  8. Previous experience working with Regional economic Communities (RECs), UN Agencies and donors such as World Bank, KfW / GIZ, EU, USAID, Civil Society Organizations and other stakeholders
  9. Previous work with the EAC organs and institutions is an added advantage.

 7.Time Frame

The duration of the consultancy is 30-working days, spread over a period of 2-months.

8.Submission of Applications

 Interested consultant should submit 2 hard copies Technical and Financial Proposals, with a soft copy outlining the following areas: –

  1. Cover Letter
  2. Understanding and interpretation of the Terms of Reference
  3. A detailed methodology to realize each of the deliverables listed in section 4
  4. Work Plan schedule and costing of the key activities and the average daily Consultancy Fee Rate in USD (excluding logistical/administrative costs).
  5. Summary of the qualifications and experience of the Consultancy Firm including similar tasks, Lead Consultants and at least two other Consultants in the team
  6. Evidence of being legally registered within the East African Community
  7. Curriculum Vitae of the Lead Consultant (Clearly Marked) and two other Consultants on the Team.
  8. Certificate/or letters of reference from 3 previous employers attesting to successful completion of similar assignments.

 Applications should be submitted to the following address within 14 working days from the date of advertisement of the Consultancy.

The Program Manager

NCD Alliance East Africa

Office Tel: +256-312-513762

Plot 731, Mawanda Road

Email: and