NCD Alliance East Africa


NCD Alliance East Africa (EANCDA) was formed in 2014 as an informal network of the national Non-Communicable Diseases Alliances of East Africa. The goal was to create a strong Alliance of advocates to increase awareness and advocate for action against NCDs in East Africa.

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What we do:


We are ensuring that there is a full implementation of NCD policies in East Africa coupled with sufficient strategic planning for the prevention and control of NCDs in the region.

Capacity Building:

In order to deliver the ambitious agenda of making NCDs a high development priority that transcends the health sector, EANCDA will undertake internal capacity building and resource mobilization.

Knowledge exchange:

The success of our NCD advocacy work depends a lot on communication and sharing of knowledge and best practices. There is a huge information gap on NCDs among policymakers and communities, and indeed among advocates.


Our accountability strategy is twofold. A focus on internal management and operations of the EANCDA. Call upon duty bearers such as governments and multilateral organizations to account for their acts of omission or commission

Member Alliances:

Uganda Non-Communicable Diseases Alliance

Rwanda Non-Communicable Diseases Alliance

Non-Communicable Diseases Kenya Alliance

Burundi Non-Communicable Diseases Alliance

Tanzania Non-Communicable Diseases Alliance

Zanzibar NCDA
Zanzibar Non-Communicable Diseases Alliance