NCD Alliance East Africa

EANCDA is moving towards widening its partnership to enhance its role in fighting NCDs in East Africa. The organization has had constructive engagements with several East African governments, national and regional institutions such as the East African Community and WHO Africa Region.

Our partnership with the East Africa Community

To enhance its relationship with EAC, EANCDA is expediting the process of creating a desk for NCDs at the East Africa Community Secretariat under the Health Secretariat. The Desk will be an active Centre point with staff focusing on the following:

  • Ensuring that NCDs discussions and engagements in numerous Technical Working Groups are undertaken
  • Ensuring that NCDs become a separate agenda item at EAC Heads of State Summit
  • Preparing and conducting joint meetings to advocate for NCDs Prioritization
  • Managing and coordinating the development of position papers and ensuring that papers are presented and discussed by the Council of Ministers of Health and subsequently other Ministerial Councils.
  • Ensuring that recommendations from the position papers are presented and discussed at the Heads of States summit.

Development of Regional Framework for Advocacy on Prevention, Management and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases for the EAC Region (2022-2026)

The framework and Costed Action Plan will act as the guiding principle of East Africa’s response to addressing non-communicable diseases (NCDs), for a five-year period (2022-2026). The document will incorporate key learnings from the strategies of the respective member alliances of Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, and Zanzibar; inspired by and aligned with key policies and plans. The document is also expected to have critical stakeholders’ involvement and key operational priority interventions.