Call for a Consultant develop a Digital News Bulletin

ToRs: Call for a Consultant develop a Digital News Bulletin for EANCDA 

Positon Consultant
Task Develop a digital News Bulletin for EANCDA
Time of work 4 weeks

 Application should be sent via email to: and

Deadline is 13th October 2021.


EANCDA is an Umbrella of six NCD national alliances of; Burundi, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania Uganda and Zanzibar. Initiated in 2014, the organization promotes regional cooperation among its members and provides a coordinated platform for addressing NCDs at sub-national, national and sub-regional levels.

EANCDA has over the years recognized the critical role of media and communication in raising awareness and adding a voice to the call towards government action on NCDs prevention, management and control.

Currently the Organization is implementing a project on:  Developing comprehensive and cohesive NCD advocacy and communications strategies towards resilience and recovery.

The project focuses on:

  1. Strengthening solidarity communication, media and advocacy frameworks that were built during the first phase of solidarity fund project
  2. Strengthening the organization’s relationship with media and journalists through enhancing their reporting and coverage skills on the intersection of NCDs and COVID 19
  3. Amplifying voices of People Living with NCDs on COVID-19, with a view to protect their right to health and participation, ensuring close attention to addressing equity and reaching the vulnerable.


Based on the background information above, EANCDA is therefore looking for a consultant to develop a digital news bulletin to support its communication tasks. The consultant will work hand in hand with the EA-NCDs Communications Committee that is  developing content.


Scope of the work

The bulletin will be an online communications tool that disseminates key issues on the ongoing EANCDA work, research, innovations, key trends on NCDs and health related areas as guided by the organization’s communication Strategy and Policy.  The bulletin will also be a platform to raise voices of People Living with NCDs through shared experiences.

The Bi-annual News Bulletin will be produced and disseminated using the following platforms; Emails, websites and social media and other online platforms

The Consultant will provide:

  • Initial draft of the news bulletin ready by 18th October 2021
  • Final Bulletin ready 25th November 2021

Selection criteria
The Consultant will be selected on basis of the following criteria:


  • Excellent track record in designing communications tools such as Bulletins, Magazines or Newsletters
  • Knowledge and Expertise on integrating and migrating communication tools to online media platforms
  • Professional competence and expertize in ICT, Graphics designing, Communication and online media handling


  • Ability to internalize content and be able to align it to relevant topics
  • Editing skills (proven by track record)

How to apply
Interested parties are kindly requested to send a Certificate of incorporation, company profile and previous work.

Timelines and processes

What Who When
Application Procedure Consultant  6th-15th   October 2021
Contracting Procedure Consultant 18th-20th October 2021
Desk work and Bulletin development Consultant 22nd October -12th November 2021
Initial layout consultant By 18th November  2021
Final Layout Consultant By 25th November 2021