Background to the EANCDA

The EANCDA grew out of the work of the older national NCD Alliances of Uganda, Tanzania and Zanzibar in partnership with Danish NCD Alliance supported by the Civil Society Fund, Denmark. The focus of the partnership was to develop the capacity of the East African alliances in areas of governance, institutional development, membership recruitment, patient support, advocacy & lobbying and fundraising. This capacity building and region-wide collaboration between the Alliances resulted in several achievements

• In June 2014 in Entebbe Uganda, the Alliances signed and launched a Charter on NCDs together with a benchmark survey on NCDs carried out in all the member countries.
• The East African NCD Alliance was represented by the Uganda NCD Alliance in the preparation of WHO Global Action Plans in 2012.
• In November 2014, the East African NCD Alliance was again invited and represented at the World Cancer global meeting in Melbourne, Australia.
• Similarly, at United Nations Hearings of the General Assembly with NGOs, the East African NCDA under the Post 2015 Initiative was represented by Professor Yonga, a member of the Kenya NCD Alliance and the current Chair of the EANCDA.

These developments raised the potential for effective regional collaboration and illustrated the important role the East African NCD Alliances were playing at regional and international levels in the fight against NCDs. It is out of these efforts that the East African NCD Alliance was developed to create a well-established regional umbrella Alliance in 2015.