EANCDA ‘Combatting NCDs from the Village to the UN’

The East Africa NCD Alliance, the Danish NCD Alliance, Novo Nordisk and the NCD Alliance held a Side Event at United Nations Headquarters on September 26, 2018 during the week of the UN High Level Meeting on NCDs. The event…
| Feb 12, 2020

We don’t need a UN resolution to buy blood pressure monitors

With the conclusion of the 2018 UN High-Level Meeting behind and the 2019 UN High-Level Meeting on Universal Health Coverage on the horizon, three NCD civil society leaders explain that without comprehensive UHC, global targets to address NCDs cannot be…
| Feb 12, 2020

People first: the voices for Universal Health Coverage

In this commentary in The East African newspaper, EANCDA CEO (David Mulabi) illustrates that NCDs are now a well-established driver of poverty and underdevelopment. As such, Africa must do more to invest in the health of its people, and not…
| Feb 12, 2020
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